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In digital marketing, the only constant is constant change. In light of recent evolutions in some of big tech’s core adtech offering, we now consistently advise our clients to prioritize their owned channels. This may sound like “against the grain” thinking coming from an ad agency, we consider it a fundamental pillar of a nimble marketing strategy. 

Email is—and has always been—the highest converting channel for most businesses with an online presence. That makes your email list an important asset for your company. It’s one of the most powerful tools you have to market your business.

If your organization is struggling with the common pitfalls of inconsistent outreach, customer lists segmentation and a “funnel” that looks more like a preschooler’s attempt at drawing a cloud, Sonar is here to help. More effective, data driven email marketing is on the horizon, let’s get there together.

Channel Strategy

We like to say the best email campaign is the one that gets done. Work with our team of experts to find the right tool for your needs and develop a plan for deploying effective list building tactics.

Audience Segmentation

Meet your audiences in the middle with email campaigns that speak directly to them. Feeding and maintaining your lists has never been easier, with the right structure in place.

Email Service Provider & CRM Integration

Integrations and automations present amazing opportunities for efficiencies, but also tend to illuminate any flaws in data flow and lead tracking. But the first question is whether you’re using the right ESP—the tech should work for you, not the other way around.

Planning, Management & Reporting

Put a bow on it with precision implementation guided by your dedicated team here at Sonar. From calendar planning to content best practices development, we’ll support you at every step of the way and read out on the metrics that make determining next steps easy and intuitive.

More Modern Email Marketing

Supercharge your email program with Sonar’s data-centric approach, from set up to strategy and implementation.

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