Media Strategy, Planning & Buying


To grow sales, prospects need to hear your message. And while your advertising options are near infinite, odds are your budget is not. Sonar helps clients identify the best opportunities, prioritize and secure fair deals.  

Sonar’s approach to media strategy is not unlike that of an investment manager. You have your media budget, you have a timeframe, and you have an expected return. We evaluate risks, potential opportunities and consider how available platforms may work with, or against each other. While our name is Sonar Digital, we believe that in today’s media landscape, online and traditional media can be combined to deliver an outsized impact and maximize return on investment—effectively and efficiently.

Media Strategy & Planning

We know the opportunities to advertise are limitless, which is why Sonar specializes in helping clients develop an integrated approach to media. We craft media strategies that take into account the ``attention economy`` in which we live and individuals' media consumption habits in your target area—and balance both with marketing fundamentals.

Media Buying & Negotiation

How much you pay for advertising can be a determining factor in whether or not your advertising is effective. Sonar’s media buying approach ensures our clients get the best possible deal on their desired placements. In a buyer-beware environment, not being a savvy buyer can mean your business can pay more than twice as much as another business just down the street.

Analysis & Optimizations

Advertising return-on-investment is not about clicks, likes or shares. Advertising ROI is about money-in/money-out. That’s why Sonar focuses our reporting conversations to only the metrics that prove ROI and improve business outcomes. All the other data, we’ll keep an eye on it, use it for optimizations, and only bring you into the weeds when it serves a larger strategic purpose.

Digital Infrastructure First

Paying to send ad traffic to a web experience that isn’t optimized is like sending out invitations to a party where the host and food don’t show up. At Sonar, we know the best audience targeting and media strategy is dead-on-arrival if the appropriate amount of upfront work hasn’t been put into the user experience. We always start with Web Infrastructure first to ensure when we find the right prospects and get them to your website they can easily find what they’re looking for.

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