Make sure your creative works as hard for you as you work on it

Siloing & Structure

How you organize your content is just as important as what's in it. Google and other search engines use bots to crawl your site. Just like humans, bots have limited bandwidth for how much work they can do. A coherent site structure that `Silos` content allows bots to more easily identify high value pages on your site and improve ranking. We'll audit your site to make linking recommendations that have minimal impact on the actual user experience.

Keyword Research

Get with the times, folks. Keyword research is really content research now. Of course choosing the right keywords is still important, but Sonar takes things a step further. We'll take a deep dive into the topics your demographic is researching determine which questions your customers want answered. Gaps in your content are actually a great opportunity, so let us provide a framework for targeting topics related to your brand.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets, or smart answers, skyrocket you to the top of the Search Engine Results Page, effectively bypassing the standard requirements for ranking number one. We'll identify gaps in the existing content landscape and areas within your collateral that can be used to target smart answers. Google loves rewarding good content with rich snippets, they just need to be shown the way. It's the future of search: learn it, know it, live it.

Content Strategy Pays

Content optimization is an ongoing process—the journey is the destination. And in this case that journey begins with a solid strategy.

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Real Plans Require Actual Analysis

If content costs you money to produce, shouldn't it be making you money in return?

Content Accountability

All too often, copy, videos, imagery—even entire campaigns—are created without any real strategic forethought. While content marketing is certainly all-the-rage, it's only getting more difficult to prove ROI from your efforts. In fact, only 25% of marketers report assessing their return on investment associated for content efforts.

Don't leave your goals and KPIs up to chance. Start with a solid plan from Sonar Digital and deliver an outsized impact with real dollar amounts tied to it.


% of Marketing Budgets


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