Easy-to-read, intuitive visualizations of your data, delivered in real time

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is an incredibly powerful tool that lets users connect multiple data sources to create simple, clean and clear reports. Our reports are designed to be easy to understand and can shared via private linking or secure PDFs—across teams or your entire company.

Data Blending

Data blending allows us to tie multiple data sources together seamlessly. Analyze keyword performance across SEO & PPC, see how people are using your on-site search or compare costs by platform. The possibilities are endless.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets, or smart answers, are a one-way ticket to the top of the Search Engine Results Page. We'll identify gaps in the existing content landscape and areas within your collateral to help you bypass the standard requirements for ranking number one.

More than Numbers

When it comes to communicating results, we think clarity and simplicity—not complication—rule the day.

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Unlimited Integrations

Our unique ability to synthesize data from an almost unlimited assortment of sources sets us apart.

Take Control of Your Data

Of course, it's not just about access to data. We're only just getting to the tiniest tip of the iceberg and already 68% of managers report experiencing information overload. It's never been more important to communicate results and insights in a way that makes sense to others. And in today's business environments, that can mean addressing assorted degrees of familiarity and fluency.

Communicate your impact with confidence by putting our expertise to work today.


% of Data Analyzed or Used


% Experiencing Information Overload

Say Goodbye to Data Dumps

Sonar Digital was founded on the idea that insights and learnings are for everyone