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Set Up & Troubleshooting

Most marketers today know that they should be running conversion-centric campaigns, but sometime that's easier said than done. If you're struggling with getting conversion tracking off the ground or left scratching your head at the end of campaigns, it's time to upgrade your efforts with our expert guidance.

High-Level Strategy

E-commerce conversions get all the attention—probably because they are so cut and dry. For other business owners, conversion tracking complexities can increase exponentially. That's why we specialize in building robust funnels incorporating multiple variables. Tiered, waterfall conversion schemas are our specialty!


Cost-per-aquisition (CPA) and Lifetime Value (LTV) are all the rage right now. If you'd like to elevate your marketing to a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness, these six little letters are the way to go. Unsure how to get there? Let Sonar guide you on the path to increased profitability.

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In most cases, set up is fast and easy. From there, a little careful thought and consideration goes a long way.

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E-Commerce Set Up
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For most sites, E-Commerce Conversion Tracking is just $500.
Lead Gen
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Assign values and track important steps in the customer journey
Existing or New Sites
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Track events, sales, sign ups and more

Conversion tracking for marketing metamorphoses

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