CRM & Email Marketing

CRM & Email Marketing Optimization

Owned channels are more important than ever, so we believe you should treat them with the utmost care. Your CRM and email lists are your most vital marketing intelligence and outreach capabilities. 

It’s true that we didn’t start out to be a best-in-class CRM and email marketing partner. But after seeing how much help was needed in these two highly important aspects of modern marketing, we dove right in. As in all things Sonar, our hands-on approach is oriented toward engineering a more selective and effective approach to data refinement and deployment across channels. Anyone can drown in data and hammer their lists into oblivion—we shoot for kinder, gentler means that also happen to yield better results.

CRM Audits

Our CRM experts partner with clients to identify the key parameters needed to track leads as they progress towards becoming customers. More than that, we work to understand your sales and marketing teams needs—and how they are, or maybe are not, being served by your current CRM set up. Need help selecting and on-boarding a CRM for the first time? We do that, too.

Hubspot Specialists

In our first three years of business we encountered more partially implemented Hubspot accounts than we could even believe. The platform can be incredibly powerful, but only if it's set up right! Let us get you on that path, whether you dream of better lead scoring, pin-point accuracy email campaigns or simply building landing pages that let you track exactly what you need.

Email Marketing

There's more to email than pretty pictures and quippy headlines these days. Those things don't hurt, but it's only getting harder to stand out from the wave of email inundation in everyone's inboxes. That's why we turn to solid marketing fundamentals to help clients identify their most valuable targets and only serve them with as much messaging as is absolutely necessary to win their business.

More than the best system—the best system for you

CRM and email platforms tend to be better at selling their products than supporting them. If that sounds a little too familiar, let Sonar step and be your guide to better outcomes and fewer headaches.

With your CRM and email program

Capacity follows capability—get on your way to more of both, now.