DATA FEED MANAGEMENT: Google Shopping & Facebook Dynamic Ads

High Conversion Channels That Get Your Products Out The Door at Profitable Margins.

What Is a Data Feed?

Simply put, it's a giant list of your products. If all the specifications are populated and formatted correctly, it's the most efficient way for advertising platforms to get what you sell in front of customers. Of course, getting product images with names, descriptions, and sizes associated with stock availability can be complicated. But with the right data rigor and hygiene, building feeds is a breeze.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the most effective channels in the e-commerce marketer's tool kit. It's hard to search for any sort of product on Google without seeing product ads pop up. Providing a feed to Google Merchant Center can be tedious, but with the right tools and expertise you'll see sales increase significantly. The best part? Shopping ads offer some of the lowest costs-per-clicks around.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Similar to Google Shopping, Facebook Catalog Manager can use data feeds to get your e-commerce products in front of highly-qualified customers. As part of a multi-channel strategy, Dynamic Shopping Ads can quickly turn top-of-funnel-browsers into lifelong customers. That's thanks to highly engaging ads served at optimal moments in the buyer's journey.

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    Data Feed Advertising Spend

    As of 2019, E-Commerce advertisers were spending more than 1/3 of their budgets on feed based product ads. This upward trend will continue to grow as search and social media continues to be more transactional. Be on the lookout for new feed-oriented shopping experiences as the big players continue to double-down on investment in this space.

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