Social media advertising is more complex now than ever. New and ever-increasing privacy regulations mean you need a rock-solid strategy.

Whether you’re just getting started with social media marketing and advertising or looking to get more value out of existing efforts, Sonar is here to lead the way. Unlike a creative agency, we don’t manage social media accounts in the traditional sense—making posts and moderating comments. Instead we focus entirely on the numbers and data. As a result, we’re able to inform your social efforts across the board. From connecting with your audience and expanding it, to ushering customers along from awareness through to conversion, we dig into the details that provide a road map for how to work towards your business goals in a progressive and proactive manner.

Opportunity Assessments

Getting a concrete sense of how much of a return social media marketing can present is critical in 2022. Facebook and Instagram are no longer the money making machines they once were, so we'll help you determine how much to spend, where.

Audience Strategy

We engineer social media marketing efforts for clients in Maine's surprisingly complex ecosystem and further afield. And while the primary goal is always to drive demand, what we're really working towards is a refined understanding of who you need to reach, and how.

Funnel Development

Seeing a big dip in conversion since summer 2021? That's because iOS 14.5 effectively flipped conversion tracking on its head. Don't worry— we've developed an entirely new way to attract and nurture new customers for businesses of all types and size.

Paid Vs. ``Organic``

Did you know the typical post only typically reaches 2-6% of your audience? That's because Facebook and Instagram are now pay-to-play. We'll help you devise a strategy to effectively reach your existing fans and grow your overall base by allocating spend towards both strategically.

Put A Social Skeptic in Your Corner

We don’t trust big tech to put your best interests first, and neither should you. We’ll fight algorithmic drift and everything else they’ve developed specifically to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

Post-iOS 14.5 Attrition

Apple made critical changes to its mobile operating system in summer 2021. Suddenly, its customers were prompted to decide whether or not to share their data with third-party apps. By now it's estimated that roughly 75% decided not to.

The effects have been devastating to Facebook and advertisers alike. But we're not worried. In fact we've always coached our clients to build social media marketing programs around an in-depth understand of consumer intent—not creepy tracking that was bound to end someday anyway.

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