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Cut through the hype and the noise with our expert guidance to increase your site’s rank effectively and intuitively.

Despite what you might hear or read on the industry blogs, there are few secrets and even fewer short cuts when it comes to search engine optimization. Our company is built on distilling search insights into clear, actionable steps that help our clients understand their search footprint and what they can do to improve it. From there it’s all about structure, strategy and elbow grease. Let Sonar Digital help you lay the foundation for organic search success to help drive high quality leads.

Technical SEO Audits

Our diagnostics assess aspects of your site that may be limiting your visibility to search engines. If you're not ranking or don't know if you're ranking, it's never too late. We'll find the fixes you need to make your site perform.

Keyword Strategy

The only thing we love more than helping clients understand just how important their keyword strategy is to their business at large is showing them how it can benefit their paid advertising initiatives, as well.

Content Strategy

From developing comprehensive content strategies to link-building, internal linking, landing page optimization and copy enhancements, we're a one-stop organic search shop (or should we say supermarket?).

Local SEO

If you're a business with an actual local footprint, your organic search efforts should start with local SEO. Own your space in your market, drive foot traffic, calls & stay in front of the customers who matter most.

We’re the Homegrown Portland, Maine SEO Experts

Find out why local, national and international brands turn to a small agency for SEO strategy and support.

Our process:

  • 1


    An initial look into the current state of your search infrastructure and and an early read on demand to see if there is a there, there.

  • 2


    The deep dive—documentation of technical fixes needed, plus a custom keyword and content strategy to get your site where it needs to go.

  • 3


    The work that translates the strategy into action, results and progress towards your business goals.

Future of Search

Get prepared for coming changes in search algorithms and anticipate fundamental shifts in consumer search behavior. More people are searching than ever, in more ways than ever. The good news is that that means ever-increasing opportunities for consumers to organically find your business. Are you capitalizing on rich snippets and voice search? If not, we can get you ready to gain the competitive edge.

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Zero Click Searches (Mobile)


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